Things To Prepare Before Starting A Blog

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Sadaf Zaheer | Jul 31, 2023

Things To Prepare Before Starting A Blog

Writing a blog can be a troublesome task, especially for a novice. A blog is an informative piece of content, that engagingly educates the reader. There exist several aspects, that a blog writer needs to consider, before penning down the stuff. We gathered data from authentic sources and organized the preparatory materials into five steps.

The Preparation:

Preparation can be an exhausting process, but with the right implementation of the following points, you are good to go.

1. Topic Planning

The first and foremost step is to plan about the topic. Topic lays the foundation of the blog and either makes or breaks the deal; for instance, if you write outdated content, it would be difficult to grab the target audience and increase the blog's awareness. On the other hand, an eye-catching hook grabs the reader’s attention and acts as a persuasive tool to read further. Technological innovations like Google Trends can come in handy for getting the right topic for your blog.

2. Topic Research

It could come as a surprise to many, that researching is a critical part of blog content. When you research, you get acquainted with various data, the content tone, the content structure, and various other elements that will help you to generate quality blog content. Good research helps you to engage the audience through a better transmission of the message, creating a win-win situation. Research! Research! Research!

3. Sentence Structure

An error-free sentence is achievable through proper implementation of the grammar rules. Avoid using long sentences for clarity. Mistakes do happen, but not learning from them, is something that should be concerning. Fortunately, technological innovations have provided us with writing assistant tools, like Grammarly Inc. The extension of the software can be embedded into Google Chrome, with ease. What’s more, every time you make a grammatical error, Grammarly highlights the mistake and suggests a correction.

4. Plagiarism

Creativity is an essential part of a blog. You need to play with words and be able to engage any newcomer. Inculcating one’s own thoughts based on the data also minimizes the risk of plagiarism. Time-taking research, followed by showcasing creativity in the content, is what preserves the quality of the blog. If not, then plagiarism-checker tools are always available to check for the authenticity of the content and deduce whether the ‘copy-paste’ thing is on board.

5. SEO

Last, but not least, it is important to increase the visibility of your blog content on the Google Search Engine. Optimizing your content for the SEO, by adding high-volume and low-competition keywords, differentiates your blog from competitors and gives you a competitive edge. Search-Engine Optimization makes sure that the blog content gets a wider reach, to lock the readers.


We reach an end here. The right kind of strategy improves the readability and reach of the blog content. Preserving the originality of the content is a real thing, an aspect everyone should look up to.

Look no further, since the 5-step strategy is purposed to accelerate your blog writing skills.

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